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A Few Past Projects

TrackMyROI (ROI) is the leader in data tracking services for marketing campaigns.  ROI has worked with nearly 3000 businesses and marketing agencies nationwide to improve advertising conversion and increase the return on promotional investments.  ROI has tracked over a Billion pieces of promotional literature using Personalized URLs (PURLs), Toll Free Numbers, and Live Call Centers.

Because ROI services a nationwide clientele, they needed an integrated campaign management system with a versatile database to collect and retrieve Lead information. They specified this system must be 100% accessible using a standard internet browser, and could not require an end-user to download any software to their PC.

ValueComUSA built an internet based data management system to capture lead informationand allow for retrieved over the internet or smart phone application.  In addition to this feature, the software manages lead distribution, and statistical reporting on past and present campaigns. Each campaign can be remotely administrated, and all orders can be processed online.

FijiTel is a provider of PIN-less rechargeable long distance calling cards focused on the Fijian market.  There company creates customer loyalty through transparent business practices. Their clients enjoy crystal clear call quality supported by Live 24/7 customer service support.

FijiTel needed a website to allow their customers online access to their accounts, review activity, and Re-charge minutes. ValueComUSA provided a custom hosted eCommerce/Telecom IP Switching solution that allowed the remote management of consumer accounts using online access. In addition, we provided a billing solution platform and the ability to remotely configure IVRs, and management of telecom lines.

RMS Medical Group, Inc.
RMS Medical Group, Inc. is a group of doctors specializing in industrial occupational medicine. They provide a variety of medical services to the Southern California market. In addition to Occupational Medicine, their offices specialize in Orthopaedic Surgery, Neurology, Psychology, Psychiatric Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, and Sleep Evaluation.

This medical group maintains multiple offices in the cities Los Angeles, Riverside, and Tustin.  They required a patient management system to integrate their offices under one system. ValueComUSA designed a completely online-hosted office management system to assist in scheduling of patients, perform medical billing, and collection services. This system allowed users to securely login from any remote internet connection, and perform any necessary administrative functions.

Who we are?

  • A Full Team of IT Professionals
  • Dedicated Support 24/7/365
  • 15+ Years of Experience
  • IVR / VoIP / International Experts
  • Mobile App / Facebook App Gurus
  • Web App / Desktop App Professionals
  • Data Center Expert

Specialized in

  • Microsoft .NET and C++
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Adobe Flash / Flex
  • HTML5
  • iSCSI on Windows & Linux
  • Windows / Linux OS
  • Asterisk / IVR Design
  • Cisco VoIP
  • Cisco Security
  • WatchGuard Firewall
  • LSI/3Ware RAID
  • Joomla

Teaming with

  • Microsoft
  • Cisco
  • VMWare
  • Citrix
  • Digium
  • WatchGuard
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