Web Access Security

What enables V-Switch to stand apart from other telecom platforms is its core design that supports cost-effective options that people need and use the most.

» 100% Web-based
To enable anytime, anywhere global access, V-Switch was designed to be managed with web interfaces. V-Switch's core architecture ensures your all business needs and processes are served. Each web-based module allows restricted multi-level access and is easy to modify.

» Real-time Reporting
Callers' data is automatically recorded on V-Switch's database - details that can be summarized and presented in easy-to-generate reports. V-Switch's Real-time Reports let users select different data sets.

» Fraud Prevention
E-commerce can expand your marketplace, but there are risks. V-Switch is equipped with fraud detection and prevention features including IP address, billing address and phone number cross matching.

» Call Monitoring
V-Switch comes with real-time Call Monitoring that enables administrators to monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. Each call is displayed with port, route, rate, caller's details, and/or system logs, which allows administrators to monitor system status and performance.

» Legal Call Interception
Each call session can be seamlessly recorded using the real-time Call Monitor.

» Switch Management
V-Switch's web interface supports flexible media server management. Administrators can enable or disable physical ports, setup inbound and outbound routes, VoIP parameters . and much more. Administrators also can register or unregister a media server.

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