Key User-Features

» Voice Mail & Fax
Each subscriber account is equipped with a personal mailbox that is accessible via Telephone or Web and is able to receive Voice & Fax mails. From the mailbox, subscribers can also forward messages via fax or email.
Every voice mailbox has its own email address that subscribers can also use for their daily email activities

» Address Book with Speed Dials
Subscribers can store their contact information in V-switch online address book. Each of the contact can be registered with a 3 digit speed dial for quicker access.

» PINless
For subscribers’ convenience, V-switch allows subscribers to authenticate with the system without a PIN. V-switch identifies registered subscribers by their Caller ID and an optional 4 digit pass-code.

» Callback
When subscribers travel outside of the access coverage area, subscribers still can get connected with the system using Web-triggered or SMS triggered Call Back. This feature is very useful with international travelers or international subscribers.

» Auto Attendant/Follow Me
If you have an important business and you need to be in touch at all times, Auto Attendant/Follow Me is the right solution for you. Upon signing up, V-switch will provide the subscriber a Toll-free or local DID number. The subscriber will use this assigned number (Follow Me number) as his/her sole contact number. When someone calls into the subscriber’s Follow Me number, V-switch will handle the call automatically based on the actions pre-set by the subscriber. The pre-set actions include call transfer, taking voice mail, play message, on-hold music, send SMS and receive fax.

» Conferencing
Conferencing capability is available to subscribers to furnish PBX and Call Center features such as Supervised Call Transfer, Multiple-Way Calling, Call Monitoring, Call Coaching, and Conference Room.
The number of attendees per conference can grow to unlimited by using V-trunk, a patent- pending feature of V-switch.

» Real-time Call Details
V-switch stores its Call Details on Microsoft SQL Database in real-time. Upon call completion, Call Details is immediately written and available for user view or accounting.

» Auto & Online Payment
V-switch provides several convenient payment methods for subscribers. Subscribers can make payment via phone or web with major credit card or cheque or any other payment device (some customization required). They can also setup payment profile that allows the system to automatically withdraw the funds on schedule.

» Ping Me
Ping Me is a multi value-added service that is available to V-switch subscribers. Ping Me service can be customized to perform as a personal assistant who reminds subscribers on pre-defined events.

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