Advanced Billing

One of the biggest value-added benefits of V-Switch is its Advanced Billing feature. Using an n-tier business distribution design, V-Switch Advanced Billing feature is designed to serve the telecom industry with scalable and customizable add-ons, which can be adapted to any industry or business scenario.
V-Switch's Advanced Billing also offers options to support different marketing or sales campaigns. Providers can keep track of the number of responses received on each marketing or sales campaign.
Reporting is another solution that V-Switch offers. Reports can be detailed at the call leg or transaction levels, and data can be automatically grouped and re-grouped as needed.
Unlike other systems, V-Switch performs automated transactional billing. V-Switch's Advanced Billing feature offers lines of credit, and can handle prepaid and postpaid accounts. V-Switch can also support a wide variety of services ranging from recurring to usage-based charges. Within the same Rate Plan, each service can have its own set of Rate Tables, which can be pre-set to change automatically.

» 4 tiers of Distribution
V-Switch has four major tiers of distribution: (1) Platform Operator, (2) Service Provider, (3) Subscriber, and (4) Agent. With V-Switch all costs, rates and commissions can be independently managed from each tier, so you can run your business cost effectively.

» Multiple Retail Branding
V-Switch enables resellers to have multiple web interfaces for their retail subscribers. V-Switch's flexible Multiple Retail Branding feature allows service providers to serve different customers and markets.

» Advanced Rate Tables
V-Switch's Advanced Rate Tables includes retail Calling Card charge parameters that all telecom carriers demand. V-Switch's Rate Table can be easily configured and adapted to fit any wholesale or retail business model.

» Multi Service Billing
V-Switch's billing system comes with flexible service rates to reflect the services subscribers actually use. Different services may incur different rate charges. Rates can also be varied by time and call destination.

» Dynamic Call Record
All companies are complex and dynamic. With V-Switch, all call records can be grouped and displayed to reflect real-life business use and needs. If your company's goal is to provide long distance calling, each call record should appear in one line versus multiple lines. With Dynamic Call Record (DCR), V-Switch can dynamically display all call records - individual or conference - using templates that can be flexibly configured to reflect the telecom services actually used.

» Bill/Invoice Printing
V-Switch allows subscribers to print bills and invoices. V-Switch can also email customers on demand. Designed using Crystal Report, V-Switch's Bills/ Invoices feature is easy to modify and easy to print.

» Ecommerce Integrated
V-Switch is integrated with online payment gateways to allow both credit card and e-checking. V-Switch uses AuthorizeNet ( and Payment Resource International ( for credit card and e-check transactions.

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