Dynamic Call Routing

Valuecom enjoys a long history in long distance and international terminations. Based on this expertise, Valuecom's engineers designed V-Switch's Call Routing with flexible options. Carriers can maximize their usage on low-cost routes, while maintaining quality levels that meet customer expectations. Valuecom offers dynamic Call Routing based on the combination of factors:
  • Time in a day
  • Quality of Average Seizure Rate (ASR)
  • Quality of Post Dial Delay (PDD)
  • Average Length of Call (ALOC)
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR)
  • Multi-route challenge

» V-trunk (Patent Pending)
V-trunk ™ allows V-Switch to extend its footprint cross the Internet and to scale up to the extreme by grouping a farm of multiple media servers.
One of the most important applications of V-trunk is to implement the ASR-100 solution that allows international termination achieve 100% ASR over IP.

» Dynamic Call Switching
V-Switch call switching capabilities is based on standard Q.931 statuses. V-Switch's customizable call switching is dynamically managed by call handler script.

» Criteria based Routing
To improve end users' experience, especially for overseas and international destinations, V-Switch routes calls based on multiple criteria including: Least Cost, Average Seizure Rate (ASR), Post Dial Delay (PDD), Top-down Priority, or First Answer. Routing is detailed at the prefix level of destination.

» SMS Integration
A SMS server is an optional module that V-Switch offers to provide Short Message Services (SMS). Long distance carriers can use this option to provide SMS-triggered call back and notification features

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