TDM/VoIP Access

V-Switch provides standard PSTN T1/EI and VoIP (SIP and H.323) interfaces that enable V-Switch to communicate seamlessly with both PSTN and IP worlds, thereby eliminating the need for costly conversion hardware.

» T1 Access
V-Switch TDM interface currently supports multiple flavors of US T1 standard from NI-1, NI-2, 4ess, 5ess, DMS, and etc.

» SIP & H.323
V-Switch VoIP interface uses Radvision protocol stacks, supporting SIP (RFC ) and H.323 version 4 with both Fast Start and Slow Start.

» Codec Conversion

V-Switch supports a wide variety of coders from G711 uLaw and aLaw, to the low-bit-rate coders of G723.1 and G729. V-Switch VoIP is fully compatible with Cisco and other major soft-switches. » Protocol Conversion

V-Switch supports a variety of T1 and VoIP signaling protocols. V-Switch can receive calls from one protocol and send them out in another protocol, a must have in a world of multiple and converging communication technologies.
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