Open Speech IVR

V-Switch is an IVR system that automates routine customer calls, such as processing orders and handling inquiries. V-Switch is equipped with advanced speaking and listening capacity, and is available in multiple languages. In addition to its natural voice interface and listening capabilities, V-Switch can also generate and detect machine tones. V-Switch can communicate with both machines and humans seamlessly.

» Multi-Lingual Text-to-Speech (TTS)
V-Switch deploys AT&T Natural Voices for its text-to-speech (TTS) engines. TTS engines are flexible and can converse in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean, and Mandarin and Cantonese Chinese. Not only can V-Switch converse in your niche markets' native languages, it can be configured to use abbreviations and acronyms or any special jargon specific to your company's needs, profession or industry.

» Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and speech-to-text are advanced technologies that allow machines to interpret human voices. By integrating Nuance ASR engine, V-Switch can take human voice commands and execute them at your command. Nuance ASR requires minimal training and provides accurate human voice detection. Nuance ASR technology is used by many major corporations.
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