Dynamic Call Handler

A 'Call Handler' is a set of instructions that processes calls based on designated dialing numbers when the calls reach V-Switch. V-Switch can handle and process multiple call handlers simultaneously, and can modified in real time, on-the-fly.

» Open architecture
V-Switches Call Handler is written in C#, a new high-level programming language introduced by Microsoft in Visual Studio .NET. Under V-Switch's VXML enabled Graphical IVR Designer, Call Handler can be customized and managed by Windows programmers.

» Real-time Loading
There's no need for administrators to shutdown or reset the system when updating V-Switch's Call Handlers. As the Call Handler is uploaded to the web, V-Switch will automatically compile and propagate the code to registered media servers to dynamically process the next call.

» Open Access
Because V-Switch is programmed using C# and can access call information provided by system libraries, its Call Handler capacity can be extended by utilizing third party libraries. For example, a Call Handler can query and submit information through an external web service provider to enable financial transactions.

» Graphical IVR Designer (under development)
V-Switch is equipped with a graphical Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Designer that allows non-technical users to design complex call-flows. V-Switch's easy-to-use IVR Designer can generate Call Handler C# scripts that can be loaded and used instantly.

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