V-Switch Multi-service VoIP platform

» What's V-Switch?
  • V-Switch is an integrated, scalable, easy-to-use, web-based multi-service telecom platform
  • V-Switch is built on proven Intel technologies for performance, durability and reliability. Thanks to its open architecture, V-Switch is easily customizable and wholly compatible with other VoIP products. V-Switch can be scaled-up as a large server farm or scaled down to meet the needs of smaller businesses and organizations. V-Switch also allows for flexible security levels.
» What can V-Switch do for you?
  • V-Switch handles simultaneous custom calls using "Interactive Voice Response" (IVR)
  • V-Switch offers "Text to Speech" (TTS)
  • "Automatic Speech Recognition" (ASR)
  • Multi-tier billing
  • Call routing and switching
  • PSTN TDM, H.323, and SIP interoperability
  • Handle incoming and outgoing faxes
  • Audio-conferencing
  • V-Switch's open architecture seamlessly integrates with SMS, H.323 Gatekeeper, SIP Registration Server, Radius (AAA), and other external modules.
V-Switch, in conjunction with IP-Robot, another innovative product from Valuecom, makes the telephony world convenient and intuitive using a web-based interface. Actions performed via users' telephone keypad or voice can easily be converted to the web and the information from the web can be read to users in voice or dial tone.

» What makes V-Switch different?

Unlike other telephony management systems, V-Switch uses integrated multi-tier billing systems that is fast, flexible and fluid and can easily be applied to different business scenarios and industries.
V-Switch's billing system has 5 tiers of distribution: Switch Operator, Service Provider, Subscriber, Primary Agent, and Sub-Agent

» Why make the switch to V-Switch?

Whether your company is involved in finance, telecommunications, marketing, insurance, transportation, healthcare, entertainment ... if you need a fast, flexible, easy-to-use web-based telephony system to automate your work processes or client or customer care solutions, V-Switch is right for you. If your company or organization requires partial or complete ordering and/or customer service processes without being tied to costly overhead of running facilities or human resources, V-Switch is right for you. Make the Switch to V-Switch.
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